Welcome to the office of Dr. Moir Bowman, D.C.

Dr.Moir  Bowman

is a specialized Chiropractic Physician 
who can help you gain freedom form back, arm, shoulder or leg pain.

Dr.Bowman has practiced in this career for 24 years. 
The office visit includes X-rays is necessary and Acupuncture.

We have hot pack, spinal gentle manipulation, electrical muscle stimulation, percussion (Piston Driven) Electrical Massage Machines, Acupuncture with Moxabustion, Blood pressure check, and various other techniques.

If you have been painful from your body, donˈt wait. It will get even worse.

Come now... We will fix for you.

Our teamwork, Dr.Bowman, Susie, Neneng and Yahara are waiting to help you.


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